Celebrities who understood the assignment for the 2022 MET Gala

One of the most-viewed and desired events of the year, the MET Gala is one of the most known annual fundraising party that there is, designed to raise  funds for Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York’s Costume Initiative. This year’s theme – White tie and Glided glamour focused on the Glided Era – which occurred in the US between 1870s – 1890s. Defined by its hedonistic opulence where rich socialties were on the rise; think of full length ball gowns, evening gloves, tuxedos and silk bows. Here are some of the celebrities who understood the assignment for this year’s MET Gala.

Billie Ellish 


Dressed by Gucci, this corseted dress fits perfectly with the theme. It’s ruched design on the hips and the shape of the neckline stays very similar to the fashion of women in high society during the glided age and the champagne colour plays off beautifully to give the dress more of a grandeur look. The sage coloured gloves gives just a hint of modern touch that elevates the outfit. The piece which is made out of recycled fabrics subverts the expectations of the Glided Era, modernising and sending a piercing commentary on the wastefulness of the Glided Era.

Quannah Chasinghorse 


In a Prabal Gurung gown that reminds the audience of flowing water, the Native-American model and activist decided to take on another perspective of the Gilded era. She decided to honour the Indigenious culture during this era where the specific population faced earth-shattering threats and invasions to their way of living, donning eagle feathers in her hair, symbolising a new chapter for the Indigenous population.  Her aim was to show their resilience and the beauty of the Native-American culture.

She does this with poise by also involving Indigenous artists with her accessories; her jewellery was custom-made by Leniss Omeasoo, representing Quannah’s connection to the natural world and the Native-American community. 



The singer wore a classy 2 piece custom outfit created by Christian Siriano. Wearing a puff sleeved top with a choker detailing and a low rise skirt. Siriano perfectly integrated a modern look while staying true to Gilded glamour. The silhouette of the top with its puffed sleeves perfectly mirrors the designs of dresses during the Gilded era and her choker detailing hones in on the high collar trend during the 1890s.

Blake Lively 


In a dress inspired by New York, Versace created a beautiful dress for the actress that pays homage to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and the Grand Central Station. The actress walked up the stairs in a rose gold dress that was tied back in a big bow which was then opened to reveal a blue trail representing the Statue of Liberty’s oxidation.

The back of the dress was also adorned by sequins to represent the constellation ceiling of Grand Central Station. This jaw-dropping dress was followed the themes accordingly, as the Statue of Liberty was built in 1886 and represented hope for immigrants coming to America at the time. 


Riz Ahmed 


Taking on a different perspective of the Glided era, the actor wore knee pants and a silk shirt with an under-top styled by Julie Ragolia. Most notably he wore a Cartier necklace with the sentence “ This is an homage to the immigrant workers who kept the Gilded Age going.”

The Sound of Metal actor hit the nail on the head with his look. Dressed as a worker of the time, Riz focused on the working class whose labour allowed socialites and the ilk to prosper economically. It pays homage to most of the faceless working-class population.


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