dichotomi releases new single “STF 17”

Produced by fellow Toronto musician Frizzy Astro, ‘STF 17’ is a soulful and infectious lo-fi rap track that arrives just in time for the summer. Written during the global lockdown, the track sees dichotomi injecting their listener with hopeful optimism as they looked forward to being back outside, rewarding those who struggled during COVID-19 with the mantra of enjoying one’s self. ‘STF 17’ is the lead single for dichotomi’s upcoming debut EP that is set for release later this year.

It wouldn’t be misguided to compare dichotomi to the similar conscious, lo-fi rap backpackers such as Noname, Tierra Whack, Mercury and Saba, adding their own twist to the sub-genre by simply being themselves. The Toronto-based rapper is starting to garner attention for their reflective lyricism, free-spirited flow and melodic lo-fi soundscapes, which they continue to refine with each new track.

In a statement, dichotomi reveals their mindset when writing ‘STF 17’: It was the first pandemic winter, and I was really sick… I couldn’t go outside because the weather, and I had no energy or motivation to make life inside more enjoyable because of the mental and physical effects of the pandemic. At a real low point, I started fantasizing about summers in Toronto and told myself that ‘everything will be better in the summer’ – as soon as I said it aloud, I felt compelled to write a song on that theme.

Check out the animated music video below.

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