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Get Ready For Glastonbury Festival: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Lineups

It’s been a good few years since we were fully able to embrace festival season and Gen B is enthused to give you the run-down on Britain’s biggest festival. Last year we were obviously still going through the final throes of the pandemic, and many festivals were postponed. One of those was of course the iconic Glastonbury Festival, which was due to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021. So naturally music fans the world over, are incredibly excited about this years belated 50th Anniversary celebrations.


Where Will it be and How Big is it:

Glastonbury 2022 will be taking place at Worthy Farm, where around 200,000 people are expected to descend upon the festival, making Glastonbury one of the biggest festivals in the world. It has obviously grown significantly since the first festival which was way back in 1970, which only had a capacity of 1,200 people, and tickets were sold for a £1 each. Glastonbury’s actual size is now 900 acres and is big enough to fit 500 football pitches.

With a site this big, and a capacity of 200k; the potential damage to the environment is significant. The organisers do plenty to negate the damage the festival causes, by having a fallow year, every five years and have more recently banned the sale of single use plastic bottles, which cannot be recycled. With this development, it should mean that more of the estimated half a million bags of rubbish will now be able to be recycled.


Glastonbury Tickets:

As anyone who has ever tried to get Glastonbury tickets in recent years will tell you, they are incredibly hard to come by, and sell out almost instantly every year, even before any line up has even been announced. Which is really a testament to the strong brand that the festival has built over the last 50 years.


Glastonbury History:

Back when the music festival first started, the Glastonbury line up wasn’t always as diverse as we see today. The festival began its life as a blues festival, and originally went by the name Pilton Pop, Blues and Folk Festival. Since then, the festival has morphed into a 4 day genre fluid extravaganza that caters to all palates, and gives a platform to some of the biggest stars, as well as the brightest up and comers. Every year, music fans wait with bated breath for the Glastonbury line up announcement, even those not attending, as they live vicariously through their television sets.


Glastonbury Festival Line up 2022:

The Glastonbury Festival 2022 line is as diverse as ever featuring the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Billie Elish, Paul Mccartney, Diana Ross, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds & more. This barely scratches the surface of what to expect at Glastonbury this year, as the festival has many things going on around the site totally not related to music.


What to Expect At Glastonbury:

Discussions taking place on climate change, BLM and the current cost of living crisis are all scheduled in on the Glastonbury weekend line up. With the organisers’ (Micheal and Emily Eavis) rich political history, its little wonder that these important discussions have found a home at Glastonbury Festival. Among other great things to see at Glastonbury is the a secret stage, that is never on any line ups or literature relating to Glastonbury, and remains a hidden easter egg that festival goers must seek out themselves.

Be sure to check out the full Glastonbury 2022 lineup complete with set times and more right here, and if you didn’t manage to bag a ticket to Glasto, then check out 10 other great UK festivals that you should definitely check out right here.

Words by Seth Pereira.

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