Lava La Rue Announces New EP Alongside Latest Single

West-London’s colourful creative, Lava La Rue, released the music video for her latest single Hi-Fidelity. This acts as the official announcement of her forthcoming EP of the same name — Hi-Fidelity — set for release July 29th. The single sees her joined by fellow Nine8 Collective member, Biig Piig. Together the pair create a psychedelic spacy indie track with contrasting lyrics between them. 

On one hand, Lava wants to do the mundane with their partner cook food, feed ducks, and watch a movie. While Biig Piig has goals of grandeur, to move the clouds and steal the moon. Despite being significantly different both verses seem equally as romantic, highlighting the beauty of the little moments in relationships. BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo named the track her “Hottest Record”.



There are no rumours of who may be featured, the length of the project, or what the themes are. However, the album art has been shown. The album cover shows an eyebrowless Lava La Rue with flames tattooed in their place. A single tear drips down her cheek as we look past her to see a psychedelic landscape filled with mushrooms, chains, and electricity. I’m not sure how far you can read into that.

The EP is set to release on July 29th, you can pre-save the album here.

Not long after the release, Lava is set to headline a show at the Heaven gay club in London. The artist celebrated the news tweeting: “MY NEXT HEADLINE SHOW! C U IN HEAVEN! GUNNA B A QUEER ROCK N ROLL FEST XXX”.

You can purchase tickets for her headline show here.

Words by Ryan Gladwin.


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