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Lyrics for Under a Picture Vol. 1


Words By Miki Hellerbach

On the track “Champagne Poetry” by Drake, he raps the line, “Under a picture lives some of the greatest quotes from me.” Drizzy has become known by many as the social media caption whisperer. That said, the art of crafting the perfect lyric for fans to copy paste underneath a photo is not limited to the 6 God’s prowess. Each week, artist’s insert lyrics into their songs worthy of everyone’s flex worthy use. For this new Gen B Magazine weekly column we will search far and wide for each release week’s most noteworthy captionable lyrics. Then share them here coupled with an astute analysis of how they exist in their song’s storyline and how they may exist beneath your visual social media posts. 


“No more distance, let’s just dance.”– Brent Faiyaz


Song: “Found” by Tems feat. Brent Faiyaz


In a time where many are venturing back outside to attend their first post-pandemic (even though many reports suggest we are still in one) live music shows, the Columbia, Maryland crooner Brent Faiyaz has provided the perfect line for beneath the dripped down in-front of the stage pic. Whether it be yourself alone holding a drink with an umbrella mid dance move or with a crew of homies you haven’t seen in far too long sporting matching vintage bell bottoms, this lyric belongs amongst your live show recap slideshow. Within his verse on the standout Guilty Beatz produced Tems single from her just released If Orange Was A Place Ep, Faiyaz is actually singing metaphorically about wanting to take the next step in a committed relationship. That said, this line as a caption would work more literally. 


“Baby, how your bum look bigger in person?”– Tion Wayne 


Song: “4 Life” by Tion Wayne feat. Afro B


Why this is such a tactful line for caption use is it’s actually quite inclusive. If you are someone with a lot to work with this line works under any booty pic you may take of yourself or have your friends take of you. However, if you are in the “little booties matter” crew you may also use it potentially as a statement of “I know from this angle it may not look like much, but in real life you may be a bit surprised.” Tion Wayne and his marketing team seem to have been attentive in making sure they reach as wide an audience as possible in the most love song leaning track of his new album Green With Envy


“Can’t call me stupid with this big ol’ fuckin’ forehead.”– Doja Cat  


Song: “Scoop” by Lil Nas X feat. Doja Cat


The long-awaited debut album from the sensation that is Lil Nas X is filled with captionable lines. However, guest feature queen Doja steals the show with a line so specifically empowering it is hard to deny its potency. For those of us who in grade school were either continually referred to as “big head,” “five head,” or the dreaded “six head,” Doja made this bold statement for us. She has flipped our knee jerk response of “it’s so big so it can fit my big brain in it,” to be a much more swagged out proactive rap line. On behalf of the large forehead community, we would like to thank Doja for crafting a captionable line that allows us to now take selfies from above with pride.


“I’m the biggest in the room, bitch, I’m a elephant”– Lakeyah


Song: “313-414” by Lakeyah & Tee Grizzley feat. DJ Drama


Milwaukee rapper Lakeyah presents the best flex caption of the week, easily. You can use this caption for any picture that exemplifies a stunt. Potentially there are some of you that still have a pair of those loose elephant pants as well as a big diamond chain and can rock both in a crowded room with exquisite lighting. Or you may just be a boss and without a need for props and Lakeyah has provided the perfect one-liner that captures your energy. Either way, this bar drives the point home.


“The sand feels like water, you’re pulling me under, I’m gone”– Majid Jordan 


Song: “Summer Rain” by Majid Jordan


The Toronto OVO pop duo have taken a page out of their label head’s book for this distinctly targeted caption lyric. The guys knew this was the end of summer and people wanted to get those last beach pics off. Using this signature synthy r&b pop love song to highlight this phrase

has more gravitational pull than the undertow. Set the scene with you laid down in the sideways model pose looking out into the ocean as you hold a neatly rolled joint and blow smoke into the distance. Once you place this caption under that pic it will have real top 9 most liked pics at the end of the year potential. You may even use this caption for a throwback pic from when you took a beach vacay earlier in the summer, and even add an illusive #takemeback after it.

Miki Hellerbach is a freelance music and culture journalist from Baltimore, whose work can also be found on CentralSauce, Euphoria Magazine, Notion Magazine, GUAP Magazine, Okayplayer, and Complex. He also regularly co-hosts the In Search of Sauce music journalism podcast that highlights the top tier work of other writers. 



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