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Lyrics for Under a Picture Vol. 4

Words By Miki Hellerbach

On the track “Champagne Poetry” by Drake, he raps the line, “Under a picture lives some of the greatest quotes from me.” Drizzy has become known by many as the social media caption whisperer. That said, the art of crafting the perfect lyric for fans to copy paste underneath a photo is not limited to the 6 God’s prowess. Each week, artist’s insert lyrics into their songs worthy of everyone’s flexworthy use. For this new Gen B Magazine weekly column we will search far and wide for each release week’s most noteworthy captionable lyrics. Then share them here coupled with astute analysis of how they exist in their song’s storyline and how they may exist beneath your visual social media posts. 

“It’s a Wednesday night, goin out was my decision”– Kali Claire

Song: “Bad Habits” by Kali Claire

Getting lit on a hump day? Why the hell not? UK r&b songstress Kali Claire has the ideal caption for you to insert under your Wednesday club fit. With going back to full regular work weeks becoming more normalised again, every once in a while, resisting and letting off some steam in the middle of them must be embraced. Claire delivers this line as a bit of guilting aimed at her partner as she is always the one to initiate the outings. However, the use of this caption should be entirely guilt free!

“I want midnight snacks”– Kelis 

Song: “Midnight Snacks” by Kelis

The scene: fancy silk pjs draped down shimmering in the dimly lit kitchen light, a door opens but not the front one, the refrigerator creek reveals an almost heavenly aura surrounding a left over box of slightly chilled pizza, you grab a slice, take a bite, and look back, as a sneaky photographer is waiting to snap the perfect shot. This is the ideal set up for this caption use provided by the now culinary and music legend Kelis. Along with the release of this vibey and sensual new single she has released her new “Midnight Snacks: Gold Mine Box” filled with 12 AM perfect treats available on her website A song with a caption and a box full of munchies? WE ARE SALIVATING!

“Tasting cotton candy, hit the gas”– Don Toliver 

Song: “Flocky Flocky” by Don Toliver feat. Travis Scott

Just in time for the American Major League Baseball playoffs, H-town’s own Don Toliver delivers the perfect one-liner for underneath a pic of you eating your favorite ballpark sweet snack. As his hometown Astros are competing for the title, every fan who loves the blue or pink puffed sugar in that stadium should be hyped to represent. While this line in the song has some connotation to a lean adjacent beverage and cannibus smoking, the caption could still be finessed to represent something a bit more wholesome.

“Skip all the intros like your favorite show on Netflix”– Tone Stith 

Song: “I Don’t Wanna” by Tone Stith

Tone Stith wants to skip the small talk and get straight down to business. While this lyric may on his terms be referring to foreplayless seduction it could also be the perfect caption for a quick selfie right before you enter your big corporate meeting. If you happen to be pitching something at the Netflix offices dripped down in a three piece suit there is really no lyric that fits you more. That is wild specific but trust this caption has more reach. If you’re just out here looking good attempting to trap ‘em with the thirst, no question this will also do the trick.

You’re the last of my old things, The cast from my broken limbs.”– James Blake

Song: “Famous Last Words” by James Blake

We fall down, but we get up. But sometimes before we get up we need to take some time to recover. If you’ve had the unfortunate fate of breaking a bone and needed to recuperate with a cast, before now you may have been devoid of perfect captions for your IG shots updating your friends on your progress. Though now legendary UK crooner James Blake is being a bit metaphorical about a relationship he wishes to rid himself of once and for all, this caption can be used as something a bit more celebratory. Either way it’s the start of a new beginning and this caption only elevates the process of healing.

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