Lyves releases Captivating new single “Change”.

It’s been a busy year for Lyves. After a two-year hiatus, the London-based artist released a new single ‘How Would It Feel’, garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews, as well as her track ‘No Love’ being sampled in Vince Staples’ latest album Ramona Park Broke My HeartShe’s now back with a music video for her new single — Change. Which unveils a new era for Lyves who has branded her new sound as more revealing, raw, and free than her previous work.

Produced alongside the Mercury Prize nominated, Dave Okumu, the track serves as the title track for her new EP set for release in the summer. The single exposes the Italo Australian artist at her most vulnerable, as she pours her heart out over the death of an important relationship. Nestled within a bouquet of foreboding drums and celestial keys, the track is a definite tear-jerker.

Talking about the creation of the single, Lyves said, “It is a very personal narrative of my experience reaching rock bottom following the ending of an important relationship. The devastation I felt was like no other I had experienced before, but in completely losing myself, I also found that staying stuck in denial only perpetuated the suffering further.”

Directed by Reece Salvadorai, no emotion is lost in the video. Dancers accompany Lyves as decoration around the pain she is experiencing. One of the most striking shots shows the artist laid in a bed while she sings about the agony of the relationship gone by. The mattress is moving to embody the ghost of the couple’s arguments. As the song progresses, the mattress gets more aggressive in its movements, at times engulfing her entirely. Is she losing her mental battle?

Watch the music video to Change below:


Lyves’ sophomore EP, Change, is due to be released in the summer of 2022.


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