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M1llionz “Provisional Licence” Review

M1llionz Releases His Debut Project “Provisional Licence”

“The new distinctive styles he’s brought into the game have been phenomenal. With “Provisional Licence” M1llionz has created a great debut project he can be very proud of.” – Aaron Adade 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- 8/10 Lyrical Dexterity

⏱⏱⏱⏱ –8/10 Longevity

🎧🎧🎧🎧 – 8.5 Production

M1llionz has finally dropped his highly anticipated debut Mixtape “Provisional License”. With 12 track M1llionz inserts a lot of substance into the project, keeping with the provisional license driving theme throughout.

M1llionz is known for his striking wordplay and dynamic flows. On his debut mixtape, he displays all this to an incredible level. The skilled Birmingham rapper touches on how life was before he was a rapper and how differently people treat him now that he’s blown up in the rap game. M1llionz uses intriguing short skits at the end of some songs. Doing this makes for smooth transitions on the project and keeps the fictional journey going.

Bangers that M1llionz has released this year like “Bando Shop” where he samples 50 Cent’s hit song “Candy Shop” sound even better on the project in sequence with everything else. The same also goes for “Badnis” where M1llionz takes his talents back to Jamaica to shoot the visuals.

One thing to love about this project is it isn’t jam-packed with features. M1llionz brings a select few elite artists like Headie One, who absolutely kills it with him on “Air BnB”. This tune is definitely a candidate for Drill song of the year.

AJ Tracey also appears on the project as M1llionz samples the classic Monica and Brandy song “The Boy Is Mine”. To completely flip an R&B song to fit your style of music shows how talented M1llionz is. Not everyone can pull this off, so credit to M1llionz, AJ Tracey, and the producer Fanatix.

Lotto Ash and Jevon also make appearances on the project to make positive contributions. Apart from that, M1llionz stands tall on the album to showcase his talents and let listeners really take him in to see what he’s all about.

Another thing that has helped M1llionz stand out in his music is his ability to show his personality. On “Mobbin” he brilliantly Implements Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” flow and flips famous lines from “Billie Jean”. It’s hilarious but genuinely fits into the track perfectly and makes you want to run the tune back all day.  

“Jail Brain” is one more standout song on the project. M1llionz comes more introspective with this one. He highlights the sad parts of being in the streets some don’t always see. He reflects on a story about getting locked up and only his girl holding him down. His friends, on the other hand, said they had his back but suddenly all vanished. He touches on the fake love people will show on social media for their boys when they are behind bars, but in reality, they don’t even bother to call or visit them to see how they are genuinely doing.

Being locked up can mess with your mental health. M1llionz raps about how dealing with the physical side of things wasn’t a problem. However, the battle that would go on in his head was where things got tough for him, especially because he didn’t know how to escape from it. In the black community, we often don’t talk about mental health enough. Some feel like it’s a myth or it shows signs of weakness. However, anyone can go through it when life comes at you fast. So it’s great to see M1llionz shed some light on it so eloquently.      

M1llionz’s rise over the last couple of years has been crazy. His work rate and talent are undeniable. The new distinctive styles he’s brought into the game have been phenomenal. With “Provisional Licence” M1llionz has created a great debut project he can be very proud of.

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