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MIXTAPE REVIEW: KayCyy – ‘Get Used To It’

Perhaps what could be only described as the most exciting new act to come out of the Donda era by Kanye West is none other than the Kenyan-born and Minnesota-raised artist KayCyy. After a month of teasing his highly anticipated mixtape, ‘Get Used To It’ is finally available for the world to hear and much like our high expectations towards him, KayCyy continues to deliver to the best of his ability.

For those who have been living under a rock and are unaware of KayCyy’s contribution to the music industry since 2020, he has without a doubt one of the most diverse vocal ranges out there as of late. From his collaboration with French producer Gesaffelstein on tracks OKAY!. THE SUN, LOVE & HATE to the contributed vocals on Donda’s ‘Keep My Spirit Alive,’ KayCyy can appear on any genre and stand shoulder to shoulder with newcomers and musical veterans.

Get Used To It is a 9 track collection, clocking in from 27 minutes but its brevity awards a no-skip approach. Dabbling into the likes of melodic rap, trap music and more, KayCyy takes you into an ecstatic yet moving journey. Accompanied by London artist Lancey Foux, he already sets the bar very high on track Look What I Found, starting with smooth humming sounds crescendoing to an enraged Lancey screaming above hard 808s  with proud proclamations: ‘African man so you know I can see with the lights off!’ The song is a great kick of a way to start the mixtape, giving us an idea of what to await as we dive into the versatile world curated by KayCyy.


While Get Used To It builds the foundation of KayCyy’s sound, its designs sometimes take on from different artists, KayCyy’s delivery in Replay reminds of Playboi Carti’s baby-voiced  rapping post Die-Lit. Arguably, it may be the furthest away from one of KayCyy’s interesting deliveries as its repetitiveness and drab ad-libs is simple, but however, not quite up to the standard KayCyy has proven on. Shoutouts gives flowers to his family and closed ones for their continuing support and for being proud of him. Beautifully put, the singer explains what he has been able to provide to his loved ones with his current success as an artist. On Howwww, KayCyy displays what could be defined as a trap ballet with smoothing auto tuned vocals while cooing his woman. Despite its short length, he is able to captivate one’s ears enough as it transmits to the next song. 

A track that makes you automatically click the replay button at least a couple of times on its first listen is Rain featuring 070 Shake. KayCyy from the get go captures your full attention as he experiments as much with his vocals as the instrumental, only to have 070 Shake finalise with an equally strong delivery. Borrow, which is a great single previously released on its own a couple of days back, undeniably feels a bit out of place from the tracks that were shown on the mixtape so far. Due to its content and its individual sound, it falls short in trying to compliment the rest and perhaps was meant to be used as a filler. New Rules is a great follow up to the previous track as KayCyy raps ‘I think like I can make my own rules’,  showcasing his rapping abilities and explaining bar to bar why he is evidently ‘one of the freshest out of my school’. Needed For Something as the final song is a great ending to a strong body of work, reminding himself from his grace and that KayCyy holds a purpose beyond imaginable. KayCyy has us only wishing that it was longer and hoping that his debut album will be released to the public soon. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Words by Laurène Southe.

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