R&B Artist Dende releases new single “Block Me”

Houston multi-talent Dende delivers breakup song ‘Block Me’, exploring the relatable feelings of a struggling to move on from an ex. Rooted in a personal breakup, the intimate track unfolds with Dende’s crooning voice asking to be blocked by his ex-lover in order to move on from them and move forward in his life. 

Despite the track’s vulnerable message, Dende makes use of his signature fusion of soulful R&B and witty rap to whip up an anthemic soundscape which offsets heartbreak and lament with an upbeat, trap heavy production, punctuated by his powerful voice and a cheerful beat. 

Where the song writing comes to life with simplicity yet emotive depth, the expansive soundscape featuring both easy rap and soulful voice proves why Dende has emerged as a one-man army within music.

Dende writes about ‘Block Me’: “I just got out of a relationship and I don’t know about yall but I’m not too good at moving on. Block me is a song I wrote about feeling the only way that I can move on from my ex, is if she just blocks me.”

Having risen to stardom for his sonic versatility and his ability to switch from compelling vocals to smooth rap, Dende’s artistry is one that’s as melodic as it is rhythmic. Proving his skill for live performance as an opener for the likes of Swae Lee, Gallant, Bun B earlier in his career, as well as Lucky Daye, Erykah Badu, and Miguel more recently, Dende continues to build anticipation with each new release. 

With ‘Block Me’ being his second release of the year, after “Round Trip To Atlanta,” in April, this promising act is revving up for bigger and better things in his musical journey.



Words by Malvika Padin.

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