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RIMON releases her 6-track conceptual EP “Digital Tears”,






Ethiopian/Eritrea-born, Amsterdam raised singer RIMON releases her 6-track conceptual EP, “Digital Tears”. Produced by Samuel Kareem and spanning just under 25 minutes, the project offers insight into the troublesome dynamic between humans and technology, with a particular focus on our relationship with social media and phones. “Digital Tears” marks a total shift for the now London residing musician sonically and creatively all stemming from RIMON losing her phone in the capital last year. 



Taking us on a journey through the matrix which should feel dystopian but rings all too true, RIMON’s opening track ‘Been Around’ transports us into a digital world totally unknown and we’re left to find our own way. Stepping into this realm disorientated and misplaced, ‘Feed Me’ uncovers the hunger we have for our highly plugged-in lives, packed with information, notifications, likes and dislikes. With each song connecting the storyline, ‘iClout’ ft EarthGang reveals something all too familiar and tackles the juxtaposition of keeping up appearances on social media whilst feeling alone and unhappy behind the screen. Title track ‘Digital Tears’ is a reminder of how entwined our lives and emotions are with what happens online and how determinantal it can be when loyalty and trust come into play. Marked with a total shift in energy as we emerge into a more natural setting.

It’s not a protest. It’s not meant to be a lesson. It’s a look in the mirror. A reflection of a generation. Touching on multiple aspects of our current semi-digital lives’ 

Mountain Views’ is about being on top of the world but the world working against you, ready to trip or cancel you with one click. RIMON closes this cinematic journey with a love letter to the earth, ‘20/20’ encourages us to appreciate our surroundings and to look within as opposed to the online and digital world we once were not part of. 

After dropping out of school at the age of 17, RIMON spent most of her childhood moving from one place to another, eventually settling in Amsterdam. The songstress went on to form her own unique musical footprint and family, meeting longtime producer Samuel Kareem and the ALLE$ collective along the way. Her evolution from ‘BBYGIRL FOCUS’ in 2018 to ‘I Shine, U Shine’ last year was unmissable, and with this EP she continues to demonstrate her transformation into a fearless, experimental one of a kind artist. 

Unlike any other artist in her field, she continues to shapeshift and take on new stories and personalities with every project she puts out. The project reflects the difficulties we all share navigating our way through this complex modern world. Blending the best bits of Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz and R&B all under one roof, ‘Digital Tears’ is another triumph for the artist who continues to document life through her poetic lyrics. For more information on RIMON, please visit: Spotify Instagram Twitter Facebook 


Been Around 

Feed Me

iClout ft EarthGang

Digital Tears 

Mountain View


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