Visit Barbican’s eco-futuristic “Our Time on Earth” exhibition.

Conceived by Barbican, co-produced by Quebec’s Museum of Civilisation, and curated by Caroline Till and Kate Franklin; they produce a space where spectators and artists are able to discover modern discourse around the ubiquitous topics of climate crisis, art, science, technology and activism.

The eco-futuristic ‘Our Time on Earth’. exhibition includes 18 international artists and 12 new commissions, featuring intricate installations of Colombian rainforest trees and projections of the microscopic details of soil.

Till, who speaks on the urgent need to find a solution instead of whatever or not climate change is a subject of “fake news”.

“We need to shift from talking about sustainability, and start talking about regeneration. Sustainability is great; it does no harm, and it maintains the status quo. Regeneration, however, puts something back. It’s part of a cycle.”

The exhibition opens from the 5th May to the 29th August 2022. Tickets are available from £18 and can be brought on the Barbican’s official website.

Barbican members have the opportunity to attend a behind-the-scenes, featuring talks with Till and Franklin, a collage workshop with Hackney’s Herbal and a enjoy drinks and a 20% discount in the gallery Shop. All of this is available for an extra £5 in the link here.

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