Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio has reached millions of people in Latin America and challenged traditional gender roles and norms with his music and musical videos.

Mayor Wu stated that Boston is a diverse and inclusive city built on self-expression and creative community. The decision to honor artists that impact the spirit of the city motivated the commemoration of Bad Bunny Day.

She also said that the city is proud to honor those who, through dedication and excellence, contribute significantly to the well-being of the Latino community.

A bit ironic given that, of all places to be named Bad Bunny day, the one to earn that distinction was a state in the US and not a Latin American country or even Puerto Rico.

Bad Bunny Day is celebrated on August 18 due to his contribution to the Latino community in the United States.

Many thought this was an ascended Internet meme until they realized it was unironically true.

Bad Bunny was in Boston for his World’s Hottest Tour last week, prompting Mayor Michelle Wu to honor him with a special commemoration in Boston.

The Mayor invited the trap artist to Fenway Park and declared August 18 as Bad bunny Day for the day he held in said city.

Mayor Wu took a picture with the artist and shared a sweet message with him on her Twitter account in Spanish, welcoming him to the city and even asking if he was open to good Latina food in Boston.

“Bienvenido a nuestra diversa y hermosa ciudad, @sanbenito! Déjame saber si quieres recomendaciones de comida Latina y buena en Boston.”

Mayor Wu received widespread for her decision, and was labeled a glorifying example of how a Mayor should lead with love. Bad Bunny is touring the US for the World Hottest Tour.

As expected, a minority of people were bothered by the decision and questioned the Mayor’s judgement, labeling the day as irrelevant or calling the commemoration a sheet of paper.

One user stated that part of the perks of being Mayor is creating these holidays one year and taking them out on the next, but the intention to celebrate the impact of Bad Bunny’s music in Latino communities in the US is still felt.

As a long-time Lady Gaga fan, Bad bunny also went to her Chromatica Ball. He posted some Instagram stories of the concert the day after, “Anoche estaba yo rompiendo aquí, hoy está Lady Gaga… wow!!!” Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball also took place at Fenway Park.

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