Generation Black TV is proud to showcase “The Love You Want Exists,” a groundbreaking comedy directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Zanah Thirus. Known for her bold storytelling that tackles necessary and often taboo topics, Zanah Thirus brings her unique vision to this 24-minute comedy, which deftly balances satire and sincerity.

The Love You Want Exists

The Love You Want Exists

The Storyline

“The Love You Want Exists” centers on Elyssa (Chantal Maurice) and Marcus (Jason Louder), a feminist couple planning a commitment ceremony free from patriarchal traditions. As they navigate the challenging task of separating commitment from the oppressive structures traditionally associated with weddings, the film presents a self-aware exercise in conviction. The narrative is enriched with fourth wall-breaking moments, where Elyssa directly addresses the camera, offering snide asides that add a layer of humor and depth to the story.

Characters and Performances

The film features a relatively large cast, with some of the most humorous moments deriving from the reactions of Elyssa and Marcus’ friends and family to the absence of key wedding elements, such as the traditional white dress and the best man. Gregory Geffrard’s portrayal of Jeremy, Marcus’ best friend, stands out as particularly entertaining.

Director’s Vision

Named one of Diversity in Cannes’ Top 10 Filmmakers of the Decade, Zanah Thirus is a storyteller who uses art to bring necessary and taboo topics front and center. Her portfolio boasts numerous accolades from notable film festivals across France, Nigeria, Toronto, and the United States, including premieres at three Academy Award qualifying festivals. Her films, licensed by over 30 academic libraries including prestigious institutions like Harvard University, have also screened with organizations such as the American Public Health Association.

A Satirical yet Sincere Approach

Driven by a passion for storytelling and strategic thinking, Zanah continues to use her craft to shape narratives that resonate and drive meaningful change. “The Love You Want Exists” is no exception. Balancing satire with sincerity, the film teases its characters while allowing space for serious thought, true to its name, and warm romance. The film’s use of infographics and Elyssa’s direct-to-camera addresses turn the story into a comical walk-through of the protagonists’ lives, making it both funny and thought-provoking.

The Impact

In 2024, Zanah Thirus also directed her first feature narrative film titled “The OG Bootcamp,” starring Giovonnie Samuels, which delves into sexual inequality and explores the disparities in orgasms between heterosexual men and women. This aligns perfectly with the themes explored in “The Love You Want Exists,” showcasing Zanah’s continued commitment to addressing complex social issues through her work.

The Love You Want Exists

The Love You Want Exists


“The Love You Want Exists” will have you laughing while sneaking in an important fact or two. Don’t miss this engaging comedy on Generation Black TV, where Elyssa and Marcus’s journey to a non-traditional commitment ceremony offers a refreshing and entertaining perspective on love and equality.

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