We already featured Latashá in one of our previous articles, but there are other Black British artists raising awareness of the power of NFTs for artists. 

Elise Swopes

Elise Swopes is a visual storyteller who minted her first NFT on 2021 without even knowing the first thing about them. She didn’t even know it would go public. 

A week later, she sold the NFT for $17,632, “Where Focus goes, Energy Flows,” an animated surrealistic video of a cityscape with a waterfall, using only her iPhone. By the end of 2021, it had sold more than $200,000 worth of NFTs.

Brittany Pierre

Photographer Brittany Pierre was paid pennies for her job before discovering the world of NFTs, making $100,000 in 2021 alone. She’s a freelance photographer specializing in portraits and short films and has her photos for sale on NFT marketplace Foundation. Find out more about her art here.

​​Lana Denina

Lana Dentina is a black painter who began selling NFTs in February 2021 after not feeling connected to standard art galleries and was interested in developing NFT technology. 

She created The Mona Lana Collection, featuring 500 unique portraits of women generated by code with 112 different traits.

Her success comes from providing representation in the tech world, and she hopes to inspire other Black artists to sell their work as NFTs.

Dentina has earned $300,000 this year selling NFTs. Check out her work here.


On top of being a New York Times Bestseller, Aurélia Durand is an NFT artist who also launches NFT collections. 

Her art is described as a vivid celebration of diversity, featuring feisty ladies and political statements. She lives in Paris and is dedicated to representing people of color in society through her art. 

Durand frequently represents women of color in diverse social backgrounds and has a joyful and whimsical art style.

Her website is also quite quirky; check it out here.

Alana Simone

Alana Simone, the graphic designer and fire artist developed The Black girl NFT collection. This collection features 2,500 hand-drawn artworks in the image of Black women with different traits. 

Each of these women has lived a different style, and purchasing one of the Black Girl NFTs supports black women who showcase their beauty and worth. The collection is available on OpenSea

NFTs provide a way for Black artists to bypass the roadblocks imposed on them by the traditionally white world. These five women are breaking barriers in the Web3 space and making the impossible possible for others.


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