It’s no secret that Kanye “Ye” West is in hot water. While no stranger to being in the public eye for the wrong reasons, some users believe Ye might be canceled for good this time.

The timeline of Ye’s recent controversies began with the abrupt ending of his partnership with Gap and Adidas.

Everyone following Yeezy knows that Gap and Adidas are stapled collaborations of the rapper’s fashion brand. He confirmed that he’d terminate the contracts with both companies in early September.

The Yeezy x Gap collaboration was under fire for a while after Ye had the store employees deliver the clothes in trash bags. On the other hand, Adidas had been practically synonymous with Yeezy for years.

Then, there’s the issue of Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” drama.

In a past article, I deconstructed the drama fest after Ye shared a picture posing with his “White Lives Matter” shirt in his recent Yeezy fashion show.

While Ye possibly had the shirts and pictures released as a fashion statement, few people found it pleasant that such a publicized fashion show was repeating white supremacist rhetoric that’s caused millions of death worldwide and invalidating the plight of many Blacks around the world.

It got so bad that many celebrities walked out of the show as soon as the models went down the runway, Jaden Smith included.

Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, criticized Ye’s attempts at fashion statements through controversy on Instagram stories, triggering Ye to attack her. 


The digital fight escalated so much that Gigi Hadid and Khloé Kardashian intervened. In the social media crossfire, West accused LVMH’s Bernard Arnault of killing Virgil Abloom.

After that, Ye accused his ex-wife Kim Kardashian of kidnapping her daughter during her birthday.

And then, he got banned from Instagram, prompting him to go on Twitter and make anti-semitic remarks and attack Diddy.

He had already made some of these comments in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

This also got him banned from Twitter. 

While cancel culture rarely helps its victims do any better and, in most cases, ends up being more like modern-age digital stoning through social media, Ye’s recent shenanigans have alienated many fans.

On the other hand, some think that this is proof that Ye is uncancellable.

Bernadette Morra, from FASHION magazine, explained in her article how the reason why Ye and his enterprises thrive despite a seemingly endless list of controversies is attention.

When Ye’s given an audience that’ll listen to his antics, he’ll feel enabled to keep saying whatever crosses his mind.

Whether the solution is to stop publicizing Ye’s actions or to cancel him on social media, it’s unlikely that controversy won’t keep marking his every step in fashion, music, or business.

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