Sigh, it is extremely difficult to dispute the assertion that M.I Abaga is ‘The Guy’ especially when it has to do with Africa’s hip-hop. If you ask me, I’d absolutely agree he is who he thinks he is. He is and has been one of the few artists that made Africans love the brand of hip-hop music coming out of Nigeria.

Widely heralded as one of Africa’s most commercially successfully rappers, M.l. Abaga first tasted mainstream success in 2008 with his debut, Talk About It. The album was a watershed moment for Nigeria’s hip-hop community, laying out the much-needed blueprint for commercial success selling rap in the country.

Born Jude Abaga in Jos, Plateau state, he experimented with music in high school in Nigeria, and later while earning a business degree from Calvin College in Michigan. While attending college in the U.S., he became heavily influenced by American rappers like Jay-Z and DMX; crafting the early parts of his trademark punchline-heavy musical style.

M.I Abaga’s latest single, ‘The Guy’ is the heralding release of his upcoming album which is also titled ‘The Guy‘ which has guest appearances from Nas, Duncan Mighty, Olamide, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, Chillz, and more. It is a statement of the foundational relevance of the artist, a call to keep pushing and a self-celebratory declaration of clear excellence.

Beckoning all music lovers with its mid-tempo drill-tending flow and radio-friendly vibe, ‘The Guy‘ is the second but definitely more significant release from the highly anticipated album. With its catchy lyrics and memorable hook, the song clearly attests to the undoubtable versatility of M.I “The Guy” Abaga.

Listen to The Guy here.

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