The Memphis Grizzlies have recently announced that they will not be bringing back their unrestricted free agent, Dillon Brooks, “under any circumstances.” The decision is certainly surprising, given Brooks’ impressive performances on the court over recent years. However, it appears that the team is fed up with Brooks’ antagonistic ways. 

Brooks, 27. Who was drafted in 2017 by the Grizzlies in the 2nd round has gained a reputation of late for being a troublemaker on the court. He is frequently getting into altercations with opposing players, most notably Lebron James & Klay Thompson and even his own teammates. 

While his fierce competitiveness and intensity have been praised in the past, it seems that his behaviour has finally caught up with him. The Grizzlies likely see Brooks’ behaviour as a liability, both in terms of his impact on team morale and the potential for him to get into trouble with league officials. 

Senior lead NBA Insider for The Athletic Shams Charania broke the news

While it remains to be seen where Brooks will end up next season, it is clear that he will need to work on his attitude and behaviour if he hopes to continue his career in the NBA.

Words by C Edwards

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