Ncuti Gatwa, the acclaimed actor now playing the 15th Doctor in the iconic BBC series “Doctor Who,” recently shared insights into one of his most challenging moments on set—managing to keep 12 babies content during filming. The episode, titled “Space Babies,” is set to premiere on May 11 on BBC iPlayer and Disney+ globally, promising fans a delightful yet chaotic new adventure.

Gatwa, alongside his co-star Millie Gibson, who plays the Doctor’s companion Ruby Sunday, found themselves in a unique predicament as they navigated the demands of working with such young co-stars. The actor described the experience as “beautiful yet chaotic,” highlighting the efforts made by the entire crew to keep the babies entertained and happy during shoots.

“Space Babies” marks a significant episode for Gatwa’s tenure as the Doctor, blending the timeless appeal of “Doctor Who” with the unpredictability of working with infants. The storyline revolves around the Doctor and Ruby Sunday as they embark on a whimsical journey through space with a dozen babies, each adding a layer of complexity and humor to the plot.

The challenges of filming with babies were met with creative solutions, including playing nursery rhymes on phones and engaging in playful interactions to capture the attention of their tiny co-stars. Millie Gibson, reflecting on the experience, noted, “It was just mad. We were trying to keep them happy.”

This episode is not just a test of Gatwa’s acting skills but also a testament to the show’s commitment to innovative and engaging storytelling. “Doctor Who” has always been known for its ability to blend drama, comedy, and science fiction, and “Space Babies” is expected to be a memorable addition to that legacy.

The collaboration and camaraderie on set highlight the series’ ongoing dedication to bringing diverse and captivating stories to the screen. Gatwa’s role as the Doctor has been met with enthusiasm and anticipation, as he brings a fresh energy and perspective to the beloved character.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

As fans eagerly await the premiere of “Space Babies,” they can look forward to a blend of humor, adventure, and the unexpected challenges that come with managing a dozen babies in space. This episode is sure to be a highlight of the new season, showcasing the dynamic between Gatwa and Gibson and their ability to adapt to one of the most unusual scenarios in “Doctor Who” history.

The episode’s debut is perfectly timed before Eurovision, offering viewers a delightful lead-in to the evening’s entertainment. With “Space Babies” and “The Devil’s Chord,” Ncuti Gatwa’s debut season as the Doctor is set to captivate and charm audiences around the world.

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