Euro 2024 viewers watching England vs Serbia were left puzzled by the peculiar sight of England players sporting holey socks. As fans took to social media to comment on this bizarre trend, the reason behind it turned out to be quite practical.

England’s Opening Victory
In an exhilarating opening match, Jude Bellingham’s stunning first-half header secured a 1-0 victory for England over Serbia. While fans celebrated the win and the clean sheet, many were distracted by the unusual appearance of the players’ socks.

Fan Reactions
Football enthusiasts couldn’t help but notice the oddity, with comments flooding social media:

“Millions of mums across England tomorrow: ‘I don’t care if Jude Bellingham does it, you are NOT cutting holes in a perfectly good pair of socks’,” one viewer humorously noted.

Another fan added, “The England players should not do that sock thing with the holes in when playing for their country #EURO2024.”

“Cut out socks and low rise socks… what has football come to? #England,” a third penned, echoing the sentiments of many perplexed viewers.

The Real Reason Behind the Holes
Contrary to some assumptions, the trend isn’t about fashion. The actual reason is rooted in the players’ physical comfort and performance. Tight-fitting football socks can exert significant pressure on the muscles, particularly during intense physical activity. This pressure can restrict movement and cause circulation issues, potentially leading to longer-term problems.

By cutting holes in their socks, players aim to alleviate this pressure, improve breathability, and enhance their range of motion. This simple adjustment helps to avoid circulation problems and ensures that they can perform at their best.

Expert Insight
Kyle Walker, speaking to SPORTbible in 2021, explained, “The socks were actually too tight so it was causing pressure on my calves. [It was] just to release my calves – or release the tension. I just cut holes in them and all of a sudden I had a few alright games, and I was like, ‘Ok, I’m keeping this now!'”

Sock Trend

Sock Trend

So, while it may seem strange to onlookers, the holey socks trend among England players is a practical solution to a common issue faced by professional footballers. As England moves forward in Euro 2024, fans can rest assured that this quirky trend is all about enhancing performance and ensuring player well-being.

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