Four artists are working suspended from a cradle lowered from the top of Leicester’s Blue Tower on St. George’s Way. They are trying to create the tallest mural in Europe by 18 July. The tower is 82 m (269 ft), and the crazy weather has made the job quite difficult for the artists. That hasn’t been enough to stop them, however. 

The mural will be located near the train station, providing visitors to Leicester with a beautiful welcome to its streets. The artwork is also expected to increase the visitor economy and support tourism. People will want to see the mural, take pictures with it, and visit Leicester while they are doing all of that.

The mural is a clever celebration of all the creative talent in Leicester. BID Leicester Director, Simon Jenner, stated that he’s proud local artists are developing the mural. It’s a testament to BID doing big things for Leicester city centre. The Blue Tower Mural is home to many major businesses, including Premiere Inn, Hastings Direct, Pure Gym, and Al Feena Shisha Lounge.

Izzy Hoskins is the director of Graffwerk, the organization that helped create the artwork, calling it the tallest mural in Europe at the top of Granby Street. Not only that but it’s estimated to become the third tallest piece of street art in the world. People in Leicester city centre will witness the artwork take shape over the next month.

Previously, Graffwerk had collaborated with BID Leicester by developing the Bring The Paint street art festival in May 2022, which we detailed in a previous articleGraffwerk’s continuous work to bring creative street art to the forefront of Leicester is a testament to its commitment to raising street art visibility and awareness. On top of that, it’s a collaboration with the Leicester-based artists to have their work seen by new audiences and provide them with a chance to work on a large-scale project.

Leicester’s Blue Tower mural will be a record-breaking landmark and proof of the city’s artistic talent. Mural tourism and street art have been determined to provide governments, residents, and tourists with a chance to participate in colorful, creative, and helpful tourism to a destination’s socioeconomic status. It helps portray the city’s culture through art that anyone within the city’s boundaries can see.

Words by Sebastian Caledron.

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