The second season of British Invasion is performing at the Americana Theatre in Branson three days a week for the rest of the year.

It features the talents of Adam Webster, Johnny Moroko, Matthew Boyce, Adrianna Fine, and Jack Cathcart.

British Invasion starring Johnny Moroko. All pictures source:

The show is first of all paying tribute to some of the British greatest music artists to ever make their way across the United States from The Beatles, and Elton John to Queen and Dusty Springfield.

British Invasion made its debut in 2021 at the same venue and “takes the audiences on a musical journey as the cast presents the music that gave new meaning to rock ’n’ roll in America”, notes Tim Church in Branson News.

The audience is first treated to the sounds of the group that started it all.

The Beatles on March 3, 1964. Sources @TheBeatlesPix

“British Invasion is a celebration of the music that starts with what The Beatles brought to America in 1964 and goes clear up to Queen and covers everything in-between”, Webster was quoted as saying.

The second season has the best females of British rock and the world’s greatest Mick Jagger tribute artist.

“You will not find anybody better than Johnny,” Webster added.

The show has got Elton John, and a couple of John Lennon songs sprinkled in through there.

“So whatever your niche is, Herman’s Hermans, The Kinks, anything British related, we try to cover in the show to the best of our abilities to get to as many fanbases as we can.”

The show’s inspiration came about as a result of an initial meeting between two members of the British Invasion cast according to Webster.

“Michael Knight from Legends in Concert calls me and says, ‘You have to meet Matthew Boyce, you have to meet this guy. He does Elvis and I know you do a phenomenal John Lennon. I need the two of you to meet.’ I said, ‘No way, it’s 10:30 p.m., I’m going to sleep.

Boyce almost didn’t come either, but they met at Michael’s place. Webster said with a laugh that Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Elvis Presley all meet up at an apartment in Branson, Missouri,

“Matthew and I hit it off. We hit a taco truck the following Tuesday, for Taco Tuesday, and sat down. He said, ‘Why are you not in a show? Why are you not performing somewhere?’ I said, ‘I’d love to man, I just don’t have the opportunity.’ He said, ‘I’ve got it, let’s make a British show.’”

Showtimes for British Invasion are at 5 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays and 2 p.m. on Fridays local time.

For additional information on the show or to reserve, tickets call 417-544-8700 or visit


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