TYLA’s ‘Water’ made a huge impact on the music scene and she has broken barriers & achieved incredible milestones, by becoming the first South African artist to gather over 10 million monthly Spotify listeners. 

“Water” has evolved into a phenomenon, crossing borders and captivating audiences on a global scale. Above all her remarkable success has her place in the history of music.


TYLA’s ‘WATER’: Record-breaking Music

The success of “Water” doesn’t stop there. Tyla has ascended to new heights, with the song reaching an impressive position of 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. This significant achievement places Tyla in the company of globally renowned artists on one of the most coveted music charts. 

“Water” has achieved a remarkable feat as it reached the number ten position on the Billboard Hot 100, as it is significant because places her alongside globally acclaimed artists on one of the most coveted music charts. The Billboard Hot 100 is a benchmark for gauging a song’s popularity, and Tyla’s top ten ranking emphasizes the success of “Water.”

Journey Unfolds
As her journey is still unfolding as the world awaits the Grammy. She is to release her self-titled album, “TYLA,” which is creating a lot of anticipation among her fans, as the album promises to showcase her full range of musical skills and artistic versatility. Fans are eagerly waiting to embark on the journey that is about to be unveiled in this album.
Tyla’s ‘Water’ gained groundbreaking achievements, and her album’s release marks a transformative point not only in her career but in the broader narrative of African artists commanding a global stage. She stands as an inspiration for aspiring musicians.
By-Hilary Nwachukwu

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