Before heading to her third Olympics, gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles took some time to hang out with one of her biggest fans—Grammy-winning singer SZA. In a delightful twist, it turns out the “Kill Bill” singer has a shared history with the gymnastics superstar, as SZA was a gymnast in her younger years.

In an NBC Sports video titled “When SZA Met Simone — Part 1,” the two powerhouses came together to discuss SZA’s athletic past and engage in a friendly competition. The video captures the chemistry and mutual admiration between the two.

“It’s my dream to talk to you,” SZA gushed to Biles. “I’m so hype. You’re like my wildest dream.”

As they chatted, Biles inquired about SZA’s gymnastics background. SZA candidly responded, “I was nowhere near as cool as you. I have never seen anything like you—no one has.” The singer-songwriter shared that her focus shifted to music when she realized she wouldn’t reach the same competitive level as Biles and her elite teammates. “When it was clear to me that I wasn’t gonna be a national gymnast, I was like, ‘Okay, let me see what I can do,’” the New Jersey native explained.

Their conversation led to a playful handstand competition, filled with laughter and camaraderie. “She’s going to knock me over,” Biles joked as they almost collided. In a surprising turn, SZA held her handstand longer, claiming victory. Despite the fun, it’s safe to say that a handstand contest with a popular singer isn’t exactly on the priority list for the nine-time national all-around champion.

The interaction between the two left fans eagerly anticipating potential future collaborations. Imagine Simone Biles showcasing her gymnastics prowess in SZA’s next music video or a live performance where SZA sings while Biles dazzles on the floor exercise.

As Simone prepares for her third Olympic appearance, she continues to break barriers and inspire fans worldwide. On Sunday, she won the women’s gymnastics U.S. Olympic Trials, securing her spot on the team alongside Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey, and Hezly Rivera.

This heartwarming exchange between SZA and Simone Biles not only highlights their mutual admiration but also reminds us of the diverse talents and passions that drive these incredible women to greatness.

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