Frank Ocean has returned to Blonded Radio: Episode 012 and Episode 013 which aired on the tenth anniversary of Ocean’s debut album, Channel Orange. You can listen these episodes at Apple Music 1.

Following Episode 010, featuring a conversation about morality and grief with Iceman Hof, the new episodes follow a similar fashion; Episode 012 is titled “blonded Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” featuring Ocean interviewing Dr. James Fadiman about microdosing, and it’s soundtracked by a 35-minute instrumental score produced by Ocean. Fadiman has published literature about psychedelics and has been called “the Father of Microdosing.” Episode 013 is called “blonded ENERGY!”, featuring a conversation between Ocean and Master Mingtong Gu about self-realization and the ancient practice of Qi Gong.

Ocean also released some merchandise and posters celebrating his 10 year anniversary of Channel Orange.


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