Day #2 Of Gen B Magazine to showcase talent throughout Media, Creative and Advertising.

We do not believe there can possible be any ‘List’ of talent that does not include communities such as Black, African American, LGBTQ+, disABILITY, 50+, Religion and many others and therefore we will be highlighting talent across many communities over the next 6 days. Media and Advertising is a fantastic industry that IS making strives to become more diverse and welcoming to everyone – We believe this should be highlighted at any opportunity by Community and INDUSTRY press.

We also do not call any collection of talent ‘Top’ talent as we believe this is ‘impossible’ to say – therefore these lists will highlight many but certainly not even scratch the surface… This is NOT an extensive list but we hope it gives a window into the many impressive people that make up our industry.

Feel free to use our suggestions Campaign Magazine !!

Shelley Bishton-

News UK, East London based, Shelley is a founding member and Co-Chair woman of News UK’s first employee-led network for Black, Asian and ethnic minority employees, the Cultural Diversity Network. Some other achievements by her would consist of Role Model Winner 2022 and being a Successful Media Representation Campaigner.

Dan Saxby/ Shannie Mears-

The Elephant Room, here they believe that the best creative solutions come from ” a fresh prospective “. What other way to achieve this than to collaborate with talents of many different backgrounds, ages, influences, and experience. Not only to they work in advertising but firm belief in a “change with advertising”.

Caroline Forbes-

Clear Channel, With experience in the advertising and marketing industry Caroline is an Experienced Specialist Partner. As a strong business developmental partner you may find her working in Outdoor Advertising, Customer Insight, and Account Management.

Emma Cusdin-

Global Butterflies, Working with clients in the UK, Europe, US, Canada and Hong Kong, Global Butterflies assists with training and creative solutions, advice and support. Their mission is to ensure support of employees that are of trans or non-binary community.

Sulaiman Khan-

ThisAbility Limited, Established and Founded in 2016, being run by Sulaiman Khan who is apart of this community himself is on a mission as a Disability (and POC)-led justice business. To help socially conscious organizations focused on regeneration (beyond sustainability), technology, or design to diversify by going from ableism to Disability Liberation and integrating Disability Culture.

Chris Lynch-

disABILITY Advocate, A disABLED Filmmaker and presenter himself he has a drive for disABILITY and Inclusion. Not to foreget to mention his passion for filmmaking. Some of the work he has done may include the BBC’s ‘The Disability Paradox’.

Justin Cohen-

Jewish News, 17 years and counting with experience as a Journalist, news editor and publisher. started on work experience at Jewish News in 2001, He has gone on to interview the last four prime ministers, six leaders of the Opposition, three Archbishops of Canterbury and two Chief Rabbis as well as figures from Shimon Peres and Ellie Wiesel to Sir Tom Jones, Simon Cowell and Sarah Ferguson. He Also conducted the first and only Jewish media interview with Jeremy Corbyn.

Josh Rivers-

Busy Being Black, established back in 2018, life experiences and a to focus on his passion which maybe, a capacious interest in culture, amplifying the voices, talent and lived experiences of the queer Black community; and working towards a world where means, access and opportunity exist in abundance for those historically left behind.

Sam Shosanya-

Brand Advance Group, client lead and Brand Advance and makes sure the companies partners are properly representing the communities they aim to impact. Shosanya is also Co-Founder, Creative Director & Producer at Undiluted Media, a digital distribution company that focuses on fusing sports, creativity, and culture.

Efrain Ayala-

Rickitt, he Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Reckitt and is passionate creating societal impacts through Marketing. Ayala lead a marketing team that helped transform a company from the ground up in less than 12 months in 2020. Currently Ayala is focused on properly representing gender equality.

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